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The Battle of the Sexes

Please note that The Battle of the Sexes will be played over two days Thursday 14th & Saturday 16th March 2019 followed by a One Day Internal (ODI) on Sunday 17th of March 2019.

The Battle of the Sexes sign-up sheet will be at the clubhouse from the first week till the 31st of January 2019. This is to ensure that players and captains have ample time to arrange jerseys and other organisational matters are taken care of.

Please note that players signing up must adhere to certain restrictions as follows:

  1. No player above the 0 (zero) Handicap rating will be allowed to participate
  2. Maximim entrants of 2 (two) teams per gender
  3. Captains for each team shall be chosen by the Polo Captain
  4. Remaining teams line-ups will be drawn by the opposite gender captains (i.e. Gents draw for ladies and vice versa) out of a bowl. The draw date will be advised later.
  5. Teams will play over 2 days (Thursday 14th & Saturday 16th of March 2019)
  6. Score will be carried forward from day 1 (Thursday) to day 2 (Saturday)
  7. Each gender team will play twice against an opposite gender team (E.g. Ladies 1 plays Gents 1 on the first day, then play gents 2 on the second day)
  8. Team Handicaps (if any) will be factored and show in the scoreline
  9. In the event of a score tie in points, who beat who rule applies followed by goal difference.

The sign-up sheet for the One Day Internal will be open closer to the tournament time.

Thank you and have a very happy new year.

The Polo Sub-Committee

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