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Sunday Roast, Lunches and The RSPC Bottle Shop

RSPC MEMBERS and Friends: As the club starts getting busy with ponies being worked to get ready for the season, The House too is working to inject new things for 2019!!! 

Firstly, on 16th of Feb, we start our Saturday Night Live parties with music once again.  We have secured bands and some new stars and old stars to play at our club!!

We may even have a comedy night if we can secure the comedian (still looking for one) 😜 I know what you are thinking, so don’t utter it!!!   It’s a joke for those of us who are a bit more serious in nature!!

On the 24rd of Feb Sunday Roast, the club will officially be opened for lunch!! The first lunch will be a Roast Lunch (brunch) the chef is busy working the menu now.  Thereafter the club will be open for quick lunches from Tuesdays to Sunday’s, every day except Mondays.  Kindly book your table for the Sunday Roast on the 24th at the soonest, which will help us a lot in preparing the table and the food.  Why cook on Sunday when you can be served!!!  With your support it will work.

Also The RSPC bottle shop, where you can get the best deals in town, will be launched on the 24th of February!!  So, come enjoy Your Club The RSPC 1902!!!!!!  It’s yours!

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