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RSPC League 2019

Entries are called for, for the RSPC League 2019.  In 2019, the RSPC League is step-laddered in handicap, going from -2 to 0 to +2 in the 3 tournaments.  The tournament dates and handicaps are as follows:

  1. RSPC League 1: -6 to -2 goals, 26th to 31st March 2019
  2. RSPC League 2: -4 to 0 goals, 19th to 14th April 2019
  3. RSPC League 3:  -2 to +2 goals, 18th to 23rd June 2019

The entry fee is RM18,000 per team, payable upon entry to “The Royal Selangor Polo Club”. 

A team entering the 2019 RSPC League must play in all league tournaments.

Entries shall be submitted using the official entry form, and submitted to the Royal Selangor Polo Club by Saturday 9th March 2019.  Late entries are accepted at the discretion of the League Committee and will be subject to a Late Entry Penalty of 50% of the full entry fee, which is RM9,000.00 (Malaysian Ringgit Nine Thousand).

The regulations for the league can be downloaded here: 2019 RSPC League Regulations


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