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La Familia Do The Double In Thailand

RSPC’s La Familia won their second straight Thai title, beating 22 BR 10 – 7 1/2 to win the B Grimm Thai Polo Masters on Sunday 3rd February. It was a brilliant team performance from Matias Vial, Agustin Andrada, Shaik Reismann and the young duo of Imran Moiz and Ginecito Bargallo, who shared chukkas, to beat the mercurial talents of Juan Agustin Garcia Grossi, who had Pedro Llorente to work with, and patrons Willam Zhou and Claude Haberer.

22 BR led right from the starting throw-in.  ‘Flaco’ Garcia Grossi showed he meant to charge of the game with an early goal, piercing through La Familia’s defence with one of his trademark surging runs.  His swashbuckling style of play made him a constant menace to La Familia, who frequently had to double-team him to contain him. 

Polo Captain Shaik Reismann had a solid game for La Familia, and with the industrious Agustin Andrada (on loan from La Sarita) they worked hard to control the midfield.

It was not till just before half-time that La Familia came within half a goal of 22 BR.

With Matias Vial outstanding with his penalties, La Familia took advantage of anything presented to them and started to draw away in the second half.

With La Familia patron Dato’ Mohamed Moiz injured, La Familia 2G was unleashed, with the 13-year olds, Imran Mopiz and Ginecito Bargallo sharing chukkas to take his place.  Imran Moiz, was replaced by Ginecito for the final two chukkas, and it made a big difference.  At 13 years and 8 months, Ginecito is only very slightly older than Imran, but his pedigree and talent is not in doubt. He made some crucial plays for La Familia, making it very much a four-man team in action.

Thai Polo finished third, beating Axus with a goal in sudden death. An ill-tempered Axus threw the match away with a penalty given needlessly away with one second remaining on the clock. Thai Polo won it in overtime.

The final games can be watched on PoloLineTV:
Grand Final: La Familia vs 22 BB: https://www.pololine.tv/b-grimm-thai-polo-masters-final-la-familia-vs-22br/
Subsidiary Final: Axus vs Thai Polo: https://www.pololine.tv/b-grimm-thai-polo-masters-subsidiary-final-thai-polo-vs-axus/

It was rather a taste of their own medicine for Thai Polo to watch the Malaysian team from the Royal Selangor Polo Club come to Thailand and win both 14-goal RMPA International League Tournaments. Thai Polo has been very successful in Malaysia, and in 2018, they won their every match in Malaysia to win their 7th RMPA International League title.

Thai Polo will come to Malaysia in July for the Malaysian Triple Crown, trailing just three points behind La Familia. They will try to emulate their 2018 season to catch La Familia, who, for the first time, will start as home favourites.



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