2016 Internal Tournaments

Get ready for an exciting year of polo playing at RSPC! Members interested to participate are encouraged to sign up early for tournaments; sign-up sheets are available at the Clubhouse.

This year, we are building on the platform that we worked on last year. Focused mainly on fun filled Internal Tournaments with our sponsors. In the spirit of keeping the tournaments fun and yet with a twist of competitive spirit in it, we have the Monthly Weekend Tournament and the One Day Internals.

Monthly Weekend Tournaments

In the attempt to keep the competition going in the Monthly Internal Tournament, we have:

  • Points for players who will compete against each other to win the crown of the RSPC Leader Board Presented by Zack’s Tack.  The prize this year is an Argentine Polo Saddle presented by Zack’s Tack.
  • In the Monthly Internal Tournament too, four team sponsors will play in a four team league, which is called “The President’s League”. We are hoping that this will become a tradition and will carry on for many years to come.

Save the Dates

RSPC’s monthly weekend tournament dates and details are:

27-28 February        The President’s Tournament
23-24 April               Ambassador’s Cup
28-29 May               The Amax Mall Tournament
18-19 June              The AT 6 Tournament
16-17 July               Tournament
24-25 September    The Bilal Foods Corporation Tournament
8-9 October            The World of Feng Shui Tournament
29-30 October        The President’s Cup

Points for Players and Teams

The points for the players of the teams during these weekend tournaments are as follows:

  • 1st Place:         25 points *
  • 2nd Place:       20 Points
  • 3rd Place:        15 points
  • 4th Place:        10 points
  • 5th Place:        5 points
  • (No points for participating)

i.    Points shall be accumulated from these weekend tournaments played by the individual polo players for the purposes of the RSPC Leader Board Presented by Zack’s Tack.

ii.    Points for the Leader Board are scored from Monthly Weekend Tournaments ONLY. As the RSPC Leader Board Presented by Zack’s Tack will be more competitive, to be more equitable with the points, the points shall be calculated in the following manner:

The Points (as above *) divided by the 8 (total number of chukkas) x the number of chukkas played by an individual player (maximum 8 chukkas).

For example:  Player in Winning team only played 4 chukkas in the entire two day tournament.

25 divided by 8 x 4 = 12.5 (Points awarded will be 13 points, rounded up to the nearest whole number)

iii.    There shall also be points given for the teams playing in the Monthly Weekend Tournament and the points for the teams are as follows:
Winner:        5 points
2nd Place:     3 points
3rd Place:     1 point

These team points shall be accumulated and at the end of the year after the last Monthly Weekend Tournament is played, the team with the highest points shall win the President’s Cup, which shall be presented to the winning sponsor (i.e. Amax Mall, At 6, Bilal Foods Corporation or World of Feng Shui).


One Day Internal Tournament (ODI)

ODI is a one day internal tournament which will be played once a month on a Thursday between two teams. These two teams are named after the sponsors of the ODI – Basis Bay and Motion Ventures.

The dates for ODI during 2016 are:

  • 3 March
  • 28 April
  • 26 May
  • 30 June
  • 14 July
  • 11 August
  • 22 September
  • 13 October

Teams shall be awarded the following points for each ODI tournament:

Winner:            5 Points
2nd Place:       3 Points

Points shall be accumulated from all the ODIs played throughout the year and the team with the highest points shall be crowned the ODI Champion and will be presented with the ODI Challenge Trophy, which shall be named soon.

To make it exciting, generally and as circumstances allow, the players will be placed in one team or the other throughout the year. (But this may change to make sure that the teams are competitive and well balanced all year round). The Polo Captain’s decision shall be final and there can be no challenges to the decision of the Polo Captain.